Steve is the Founder of the Talent Factory. He’s a communicator, event host, comedian, engagement strategist, photographer and anything else that a freelancer can make money from. He’s won awards for science communcation and engagement and trained lots of the UK’s most TV-friendly researchers.


Talent Factory 2 alumni, Sarah Jones, is a geomicrobiologist turned BBC Sesh comedian. Sarah is an expert note-giver, and available for advice on comedy writing, set structuring and run-throughs; as well as organising and running your own comedy night.


Hannah is a cancer scientist by training and Talent Factory Alumni. Now a precision medicine startup enthusiast, she’s great at getting things done, chatting to patients, networking and sometimes being funny.


Kimberley Freeman is a Wellcome Engagement Fellow and previously Director of the Centre for Public Engagement (CPE) at Queen Mary University of London. She specialises in helping academics to include public engagement in their work in a meaningful way; supporting institutions to develop meaningful engagement strategies, processes, and structures; and supporting public engagement professionals with training, mentoring, and career development support.


Dr Alex Lathbridge is a biochemist, broadcaster and podcast producer with a PhD in novel peptide therapeutics for cancer. He’s the voice behind the BBC Radio 4 podcast Scientifically… and can be found reporting for CrowdScience on the BBC World Service. His award-winning podcast – Why Aren’t You A Doctor Yet? – combines science and tech journalism with pop-culture.


Live and dead animal wrangler Lucy Eckersley is a wildlife biologist by training, and a previous Talent Factory Alumni. Lucy can help with planning and delivering public events, pitching at the right level for your audience (including for children – gasp!), video recording and editing.


Dr Anna Ploszajski is an award-winning materials scientist, writer and storyteller. Anna channels this passion through writing, research, crafting, talks and podcasting. In 2017 she was named Young Engineer of the Year by the Royal Academy of Engineering, and in 2018 won the Silver Medal from the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining. In her spare time, Anna plays the trumpet in a funk and soul covers band and swam the English Channel in July 2018. Oh, and it’s pronounced “Por-shy-ski”.


Rach is a comedian on a mission to help scientists communicate their research. She co-hosts science podcast Level Up Human and runs the Science Podcasts facebook group.

Rach has chaired for the Royal Institution, presented Amélie for British Film Institute’s ‘Comedy Genius’ and performed with the Ugly Animal Preservation Society.

She blogs about comedy, creativity and podcasting at

★★★★★ “Slick and quick-witted ” DIVA magazine