Adrienne Adele Cox

Halfway through a PhD in Medical Microbiology, Adrienne spends most of her time in the lab wondering why all of her reagents are contaminated, or sat at her bench internally weeping over basic math. When she’s not trying to clean coffee off her lab book, Adrienne researches why certain bacteria are so great at adapting to the lungs of people with cystic fibrosis.

She currently has no theories.

Adrienne has dabbled in sci-comm and, while most of her communicating is done through self-deprecating humour on Twitter, she can sometimes be found out in the real world chatting about science to anyone who will listen. She took part in Pint of Science 2019, where she had to convince a room full of people that her science was interesting and cool (while under the threat of a nerf gun attack), and has volunteered at many children’s science events. Adrienne has come to realise that drunk adults and small children will listen to pretty much anything, especially if you wear something sparkly.

Always looking for new ways to avoid doing the actual work of her PhD, Adrienne formed part of a team that made it to the finals of the Young Entrepreneurs Scheme ’19, where she fought off no competition whatsoever for the Social Media Queen Award*. The award was highly prestigious and was definitely not created to put an end to her incessant tweeting about the entire experience.

*This may not be its official title

When not wildly panicking into the night over the state of her PhD, Adrienne is always happy to chat about what it’s like being a neurodiverse scientist with Tourette’s Syndrome and tattoos. She is passionate about embracing her quirks and wants to inspire others to do the same.

You can follow Adrienne’s science adventures on Twitter @AdrienneACox

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