Alex Lathbridge

Alex researches interesting ways to fight cancer as part of his Biochemistry PhD at the University of Bath. He uses computational algorithms and lab work to design synthetic proteins for this. He thinks that it’s pretty neat.

When he’s not doing that, he uses hip-hop to fight off impostor syndrome and peer into the sheer insanity that is science. Whether it’s winning FameLab UK with epilepsy research broken down into verse, rapping on the Royal Institution Christmas Lectures or freestyling on his ability as a scientist – he tries to make science easily digestible in ways that very few have tried.

He’s also had the inner workings of his voice explored by Professor Sophie Scott for the Royal Society, making him one of the few rappers to rhyme in a MRI machine. He found the process “academically fascinating but existentially disturbing”.

He’s been described by Dr Steve Cross as “the UK’s best scientist turned rapper” (by virtue of being the only).


After being told that the “16-35 BME audience aren’t into science”, he’s become focused on showcasing the diversity of science. Two BME-fronted Science Showoff gigs later, he co-founded the Minorities in STEM network – which boasts a growing network and a twitter account run by BME scientists and tech experts every week.

Alex also hosts The Large Stand-Up Collider – a science comedy event at the Science Museum’s 18+-only Lates Night.

He’s also one of the hosts of the science podcast, “Why Aren’t You A Doctor Yet?“. Climbing into the iTunes Top 10 in the first week, this podcast breaks down, analyses and laughs at the latest news and cutting edge research from the world of science, tech and general geekyness. It also has a lot of pop culture references.

Before research, he worked in TV on programmes like Horizon and creating explosive online content for the BBC. He’s also absurdly knowledgeable about the science of cooking.

You can find out more about him and upcoming gigs on his website.

Next Large Stand-Up Collider: March 2018

Twitter: @thermoflynamics

YouTube: Rapstract


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