Alex Lathbridge

Alex researches interesting ways to fight cancer as part of his Biochemistry PhD at the University of Bath. He uses computational algorithms and lab work to design synthetic proteins for this. He thinks that it’s pretty neat.

When he’s not doing that, he uses hip-hop to fight off impostor syndrome and peer into the sheer insanity that is science. Whether it’s winning FameLab UK with epilepsy research broken down into verse, rapping about cancer cells or freestyling on his ability as a scientist – he tries to make science easily digestible in ways that very few have tried.

He’s been described by Dr Steve Cross as “the UK’s best science rapper” (but that’s only because the other bloke is off raising a kid or something).

Before research, he worked in TV on programmes like Horizon and creating explosive online content for the BBC. He’s also absurdly knowledgeable about the science of cooking.

Twitter: @thermoflynamics

YouTube: Rapstract


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