Anna Ploszajski

Anna is a materials scientist and engineer studying for an EngD at UCL in hydrogen storage materials. As a science communicator, she performs regularly with Bright Club, Science Showoff and Engineering Showoff at venues across London and south England, as well as giving public demonstrations and talks at venues like The Royal Institution, The Royal Society and The Bloomsbury Theatre. She was one of ten UK finalists of FameLab 2017.

During the summer she can be found in a pair of wellies powering the country’s music festivals with hydrogen energy as part of UCell and in the winter behind the mic of an exciting new materials podcast called ‘rial talk. She writes the ‘Material of the Month’ column for Materials World Magazine and has a chapter in Jim Al-Khalili’s upcoming popular science book about the future called What’s Next?. Anna is a champion for women in science and engineering and in her “spare time” she is training to swim the channel and plays the trumpet in a funk band.

Twitter: @annaploszajski


Upcoming gigs:

  • Science Showoff Fundraiser: 19th July, 7:30pm at the Star of Kings, London 
  • The Large Stand-up Collider at Science Museum Lates: Wednesday 26th July, 7:30pm at The Science Museum, London 
  • Dr Jiggs Bowson’s Charming Science Friends at Green Man Festival: 17th-20th August
  • Agony Auncles of Science at The Edinburgh Fringe: 20th-25th August
  • University of the Third Age Lecture Afternoon: Monday 16th October, 1pm at The Royal Institution, London
  • The Variables variety night: Tuesday 7th November, Cambridge



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