Antonia Forster

Antonia Forster is an entomologist, science comedian, and occasional rapper.

Possibly the only scientist named after her expertise, Ant has completed an MSc in social-insect colony behaviour, and published her results. She now works at the intersection of science, theatre, comedy and music; on a mission to make insects sexy to everyone. This is a brand of multi-disciplinary performance that you REALLY cannot forget. Really. We’ve tried.

She has performed at science centres, zoos, museums, schools, conferences and festivals: including Elderflower Fields, Camp Wildfire, and Wilderness Festival. She has also been featured on BBC Radio Bristol and BBC Radio H&W. This summer, she will be performing at At-Bristol Science Centre and Kew Gardens, bringing science comedy (and rap) to the world of pollinators.

She is also a performer and organiser of Science Showoff, a chaotic science cabaret. Here is an example of her performance; ‘How to Infuriate a Zookeeper’ (tales from behind the scenes):


If you would like to book Antonia for a festival, conference or event; email her on She can also be found on Facebook and Twitter. Or by writing a tiny, tiny note to the nearest garden ant (they’ll pass it on).

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