Belle Taylor

DSC09880a crop

Photograph courtesy of Steve Cross

Belle is a chemist, science communicator and performer.

Belle graduated from UCL with a First Class Honours MSci in Chemistry and continued into a PhD on Plasma Phase Electrochemistry, or rather, ‘what happens to stuff when you put it in a flame’.

When the occasion allows, Belle loves nothing more than to have conversations about science and its boundary-breaking, gender-bending, ceiling-cracking potential. She has talked, smashed and bashed ideas about with people from all walks of life, cementing her love for public-facing, engaging, science.

She’s led workshops at museums, science festivals, universities and learned societies; organised adult lecture series in the pub with Pint of Science; run a Royal Society of Chemistry outreach scheme at UCL; helped design and carry out experiments for television; produced a Youtube series; and acted as Science Editor  (and writer) at London Student newspaper.  She’s made people smell, prod and code things at outreach events with Guerilla Science and Technology Will Save Us and is also a Chemistry tutor.

As part of Talent Factory, she’s performed at Science Showoff, Books Showoff, The Royal Society and has recently jumped head-first into the murky waters of improvised comedy. She has a spirited presentation style and has delivered sets  on high brow themes such as the specifics of her first smear test, why Frankenstein is is really about a disillusioned PhD student and how science has turned her into a Slytherin (evil).

Belle lives and works in London, where she hopes to carve a career in science communication and engagement.

You can find information on Belle’s upcoming gigs and see lots of photos of her holding a microphone on her fancy new website:

Contact Belle here:

Instagram: @bellelctaylor  Twitter: @bellelctaylor

DSC02506-139Photograph courtesy of Lucy Eckersley

DSC01649-56 cropPhotograph courtesy of Steve Cross

Photographs courtesy of Ian Bowkett and Steve Cross


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