Belle Taylor

Belle is nearing the end of a Chemistry PhD at UCL where she studies ‘what happens to stuff when you put it in a flame’ (thesis title to be confirmed).

Although far from a model research scientist, Belle loves nothing more than to have conversations about science and its boundary-breaking, gender-bending, ceiling-smashing potential. She has talked, smashed and bashed ideas about with people from all walks of life, cementing her love for public-facing science.

She’s led workshops at the Science Museum, the Design Museum, the Royal Institution, the Wellcome Collection, Selfridges, The Mini Maker Faire and Big Bang London. She’s organised adult lecture series in the pub;  run a Royal Society of Chemistry outreach scheme at UCL,  helped design experiments for Horrible Science, made people smell things, and dabbled in science writing and video production.

Her one public talk involved her reading smutty fiction to a crowd that deserved better. She hopes to be considerably more high-brow in the future.

Belle currently works in a pizza restaurant, living hand-to-mouth on cash tips while she attempts to write her thesis. She can be found on facebook (often), twitter (rarely) or wandering about Camberwell (the rest of the time).


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