Catie Williams

Catie began her science career by studying Genetics at Cardiff University and is now nearing the end of her PhD at UCL, where she studies the primate gut microbiome.  She collects primate poos like they are scout badges and will happily talk your ear off about the bacteria inside and the animals that provided them.

When she’s not in the lab, Catie can be found speaking at places such as Science Showoff, PubhD and the Wellcome Collection, working as a student engager at the Grant Museum (where she also occasionally writes for their blog), or dominating the top Google results for “primate poo collector” (no, really).  Since starting scicomm in 2015 she has worked on creating the 2016 CHRISTMAS LECTURES at the Royal Institution, curated Animal Showoffs for the Grant Museum, given talks in schools, created stalls for various science festivals and featured on multiple science podcasts.

Catie’s science interests include: bacteria, the gut microbiome, primates, evolution, genetics, philosophy and building Rube Goldberg machines.

She can be found on Twitter @CatieWilliams, where she tweets mostly about wildlife, museums and Japanese reality tv.

If you want to listen to Catie chatting about science, you can do so here, here and here.


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