Cerys Bradley

I am a PhD student in the UCL Crime and Security Science department. I have a BSci in mathematics, an MRes in Crime and Security Science, and an interest in the trade off between collective security and individual privacy. My research focus is cyber crime, more specifically Dark Net Markets and what makes them successful.

Alongside my research, I teach debating and information security to school children, science communication to university students, and how to use the rule of three to readers of this blog. I also work in the three UCL Museums answering questions about art, Egyptology, and weird animals in jars (stay tuned for my audio guide series which will be out later this year).

I have experience in competitive debating, which is public speaking for people who really care about winning, and student radio, which is basically the opposite.

Ask me literally any science question on Twitter (@hashtagcerys) and I will answer it, especially if it is about bats.

You can read my blog here and watch some stand-up here.

Or come see me at a live show:

22/02/2018 Bright Club 10th Anniversary, Stratford Circus



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