Cerys Bradley

Cerys Bradley is a PhD student in the UCL Crime and Security Science department. They have a BSci in mathematics, an MRes in Crime and Security Science, and an interest in the trade off between collective security and individual privacy. Their research focus is cyber crime, more specifically Dark Net Markets and what makes them successful.

Alongside their research, Cerys teaches debating and information security to school children, science communication to university students, and how to use the rule of three to readers of this blog. They also work in the three UCL Museums answering questions about art, Egyptology, and weird animals in jars (stay tuned for a podcast series which will be out later this year).

Through the Talent Factory, Cerys has been trying their very hardest to queer science. They regularly perform stand up comedy with events such as Dr Jigg’s Bowson’s Charming Science Friends, The Variables Presents… (Cambridge), and Hysterical (hosted by the Vagina Museum) and uses this platform to critique the way science has “investigated” many aspects of the LGBTQ+ community. They also conduct their own research to counter the myths surrounding LGBTQ+ people (for example, that the community makes bad parents, or causes extreme weather events) as part of an ongoing performance project, the Unifying Theory of Gay.

Ask Cerys literally any science question on Twitter (@hashtagcerys) and they will answer it, especially if it is about bats.

You can read their blog here and watch some stand-up here and check out their new website.

Or come see them at a live show:

27/06/2018 Large Stand-up Colider, the Science Museum

04/07/2018 Science Showoff Work in Progress, the Star of Kings

16 – 19/08/2018 A Unifying Theory of Gay, Greenman Festival






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