Charlotte Mykura

Charlotte graduated from the University of Cambridge with a degree in Natural Sciences (Genetics) and is now finishing her PhD exploring epigenetics at Imperial College London. When not pipetting, Charlotte performs at events such as Science Showoff and science festivals, co-runs PubhD London, teaches and writes about science.

If you require a human to deliver talks, give material, discuss or write about genetics, Charlotte is your human.

A few of Charlotte’s interests:

DNA & genetics, genetic engineering, cancer, ants (and relatives), human evolution, origin of life, viral and bacterial evolution, gut bacteria, starfish (and relatives), fungi, plant evolution

With a particular interest in evolutionary and cancer genetics and a passion for life-forms of all shapes and sizes, Charlotte has an ambition to bring enthusiasm for biology to everyone who will listen.

Twitter: @CharlotteMykura

Science Showoff January 2016


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