Charlotte Mykura

Dr Charlotte Mykura is a Scientist and Performer.

Char edited

Charlotte graduated from the University of Cambridge with a degree in Natural Sciences (Genetics) and then completed her PhD exploring Epigenetics at Imperial College London. When not pipetting, Charlotte performs at events across London and UK-wide, in pubs, museums, galleries, science festivals, on podcast, for TV and more. She co-founded PubhD London, teaches and writes about science, and presents the radio show Genetics and Me on WRS (Women’s Radio Station).

If you require a human to deliver talks, give material, discuss or write about genetics, Charlotte is your human.

Charlotte enjoys having a down-to-Earth, honest and occasionally ruthlessly blunt style of presentation, especially for science comedy sets. This aptitude for science humour led Charlotte to referee the annual ‘No-Ball Prizes’.

With a particular interest in evolutionary and cancer genetics and a passion for life-forms of all shapes and sizes, Charlotte has an ambition to bring enthusiasm for biology to everyone who will listen.


Twitter: @CharlotteMykura

Science Showoff January 2016


Three Minute Thesis April 2017


Lol-Lab March 2017

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