Florence Schechter

F_dsc9812-2lorence is a science YouTuber and performer with experience in improv, theatre, music, comedy, storytelling and spoken word. She has a BSc in Biochemistry from Birmingham because she loves alliteration. Other skills include video production and finding anappropriate cat gif for every situation. She even has her own company, Collab Lab, for it (videos not cat gifs).


Here she is talking about the wonders of gay animal sex: 


Her YouTube channel has over 2,500 subscribers and 700,000 channel views. She has featured science communicators such as Alice Roberts and Jim Al-Khalili on her channel. She has also collaborated with other YouTubers and content creators. She has made videos at places like The Cheltenham Science Festival.



Promo for our new science cop show

She has talked about all sorts of random but interesting science at places like the Royal Society, the Grant Museum and even an actual comedy festival. She’s performed at the Science Showoff multiple times and likes to do other forms of comedy too such as sketch comedy.

She has a wealth of online communication experience, especially making terrible science jokes on Twitter.


You can check out her online profiles here:


Or to view her full CV, click here.

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