Hannah Thompson

I love science. 


I will finish my PhD on the link between type 2 diabetes and large bowel cancer in August 2017 (please send motivational memes).

To distract me from my PhD deadlines I take part in as many science communication events and competitions as possible. I am passionate about improving public awareness of science that affects their every day life. I have taken advantage of being in a university setting and jumped at opportunities to tell the public, my funder and my scientific peers about mine and others scientific research. I was thrilled to receive and award from The Blizard Institute, QMUL for ‘Outstanding Contribution to public Engagement’ in July 2017. You can find out more about my science communication events on my website: http://drhannahthompson.wordpress.com

I particularly enjoy the challenge of describing and explaining the impact of a teeny tiny bit of science in three minutes. If you have any ideas for talk topics contact me on my twitter: @DrHannahT

In my spare time I play netball with a lovely bunch of girls, umpire social netball, am part of a book club, catch up with friends, tick of things on my bucket list and attempt to visit as many European countries as possible.



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