Hannah Thompson

I love science. 


Hi everyone! I’m Hannah T. I am passionate about improving public awareness of science that affects their every day life. You can find out more about my science communication events on my website: http://drhannahthompson.wordpress.com.

I particularly enjoy the challenge of describing and explaining the impact of a teeny tiny bit of science in three minutes. If you have any ideas for talk topics contact me on my twitter: @DrHannahT

I will soon complete my PhD on the link between type 2 diabetes and large bowel cancer. To distract me from my PhD deadlines I took advantage of being in a university setting and jumped at opportunities to tell the public, my funder and my scientific peers about mine and others scientific research. I was thrilled to receive and award from The Blizard Institute, QMUL for ‘Outstanding Contribution to public Engagement’ in July 2017.

Professionally, I am Chief of Staff at an exciting biotech start-up Cambridge Cancer Genomics. We are using artificial intelligence to continuously monitor cancer patient response to therapy.

In my spare time I play netball with a lovely bunch of girls, umpire social netball, am part of a book club, catch up with friends, tick of things on my bucket list and attempt to visit as many European countries as possible.



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