Jane Gregory

Jane is a clinical psychologist with a massive aversion to the sounds you make when you eat. A few years ago she stumbled across the term misophonia and realised she might not be the only person to have once thrown out their brother’s donut rather than listen to him eat it for a second longer.

When she discovered that there were people whose relationships, jobs and mental health were impacted by their reactions to sounds, she wondered why so few psychologists were offering therapy for this problem. Then she remembered she was a psychologist and she got to work.

Jane’s research is trying to work out which parts of misophonia might be able to change with therapy. She promises not to make anyone do anything in therapy that she isn’t prepared to try on herself.

She loves writing and talking in a way that makes the weird things you do feel like they make perfect sense. You can hear her as a guest on The Allusionist podcast talking about emotions, reading novels for therapy and that damn Keep Calm and Carry On poster. She was a guest on Probably Science talking about procrastination, OCD and cottage cheese, for some reason. You can hear her talking about her misophonia on the Debra Rufini Show.

Jane’s mission is to get the word out about misophonia to every person who’s ever glared at you while you ate tortilla chips.

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