Kate Simpson

After graduating in Film and English, Kate moved to London and began a career in social care. Her first job (after a brief stint as a receptionist) was supporting people with complex needs to build their independent living skills and achieve their goals.

Kate spent the next 8 years working in health and social care in a range of roles and settings. She holds a post graduate diploma in Mental Health Practice and her experience includes work in frontline mental health services and senior management of teams working with vulnerable adults. 

For the past 5 years, Kate has been working within the People Powered Results team at Nesta designing and delivering complex transformation programmes across the UK and building capacity in others to do the same. 

Kate is really good at taking complex information and breaking it down in a way that is clear and accessible. She is passionate about social innovation and in particular, working with diverse groups so that their voices are heard and inform the changes that affect them. She is a highly experienced facilitator and coach, with a focus on building skills and capability in others.

Creativity and humour are important to Kate and she brings a sense of fun and experimentation to all her work. She has spent the last few years building her comfort with failing (sometimes spectacularly) and honing her presentation and public speaking skills, recently applying both to her inaugural participation in stand up and comedy panel shows.  

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