Kath Thomas

Kath Thomas is a huge metal fan. That being the class of materials, not the music genre. (Photo by Steve Cross)

Having finished (nearly) a PhD in Materials Engineering she currently works as a Materials Engineer doing failure investigations and consultancy for the energy sector. Kath has fallen sideways into engineering after finding her undergraduate course (Biomedical Materials Science) on Google in 2012 having failed to get into Vet School. This has given her a rather eclectic range of science and engineering experiences and knowledge, and a large range of stories involving everything from vaccinating kittens to nearly getting electrocuted by an experimental coating machine.

Always a keen performer, Kath discovered sci-comm at university and has since presented sets at Bright Club Nottingham and at the London Festival of Architecture. Having moved between so many disciplines, she enjoys exploring the links and similarities between different fields and concepts with an audience. Previous talks have included explaining the amazing longevity of Roman concrete and attempting to exonerate the iceberg from being the single cause of the sinking of the Titanic.

When not talking about STEM topics, Kath also plays and talks about Dodgeball, and episodes of the podcasts she co-hosts can be found here. Her experiences in science and sport have made her passionate about the representation of women in male dominated spaces, and raising the confidence and profile of positive female role models for young people.

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