Katie Cresswell-Maynard

Katie is an engineer, an engineering enthusiast and did we already say she is an engineering enthusiast?

Fortunate enough to be the Chief Executive for the epically amazing charity Engineers Without Borders UK,  Katie gets to spend her working hours promoting engineering for social and environmental good. Nice. New to the ‘Eng Comm’ scene, Katie has dabbled with being funny at Engineering Showoff and appears in Channel Four’s latest collaboration with Love Productions “The Biggest Little Railway in the World“.


She has a go at Twitter (@kcresswellm), mostly just retweeting things other people have already retweeted. It’s one of those things she’d like to be better at but hasn’t worked out yet. What she’s really good at (if you want to get an insight into this woman beyond her love of engineering) is being obsessed with dogs – ask anyone that knows her, why she doesn’t have one is a mystery.

If you’d like Katie to speak or perform or just talk to you about her love of engineering, please get in touch via twitter.

Alternatively, catch her after her next performance:

  • The Science Newseum. Thursday 15 February 2018. The Harrison Gastro Pub & Hotel, London.
  • TEDxBathUniversity2018. Saturday 24 March 2018. University of Bath.

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