Lucy Eckersley

Lucy Eckersley, A.K.A Punk Biologist is a presenter, biologist and general nerd.


Originally from Manchester, then graduating from Sheffield, Lucy has made the leap to move down south into Central London, to pursue science communication.

Currently completing a Masters with ZSL in Wild Animal Biology, with a thesis specialising in Scottish Wildcat hybridisation, Lucy has experience handling practically every type of animal you can think of, living or dead.

Lucy has performed at the Wellcome Collection, Royal Institute and Royal Veterinary College, as well as schools and museums around London.

With a special interest in the macabre, many of Lucy’s past presentations have revolved around the use of dead animals in future conservation. In particular, a taxidermy Kakapo often makes an appearance.


In her spare time, Lucy is a painter, amateur taxidermist and whiskey appreciator

The best way to contact Lucy regarding opportunities is via Twitter: @PunkBiologist
Lucy is also an amateur animal photographer, the portfolio can be seen at
Instagram @punkbiologist


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