Matt Hutchinson


Matt is a junior doctor specialising in Rheumatology and General Medicine – this has made his parents very proud. He is also a comedian – this has made his parents very confused. Back when he was still trying to convince the world he was cool, he was also a DJ. Now, in an arguably a cynical attempt to carve out a very specific niche, he plans to combine all 3.

Like most medical doctors, he is not much of a real scientist (although he may soon succumb and do a PhD). For this reason, he likes sciency things explained in as simple and engaging a way as possible – preferably with as many Kanye West references as possible. This an approach he hopes to share with you over the year as part of the Talent Factory.

You can catch him hosting his London comedy/hip hop night at the Albany Great Portland Street next on the 19th of April 2018.

You can see some of his standup here and here.

You can also find some of his (criminally overlooked) music here.

Check some of his wise opinions as approved by the Guardian, the Independent and the Huffington Post.

He is not very good at twitter: @Hutch_up

That he wrote this self aggrandising post in the third person tells you everything else you need to know about him.




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