Matt J Young


By day, Matt is a PhD neuroscientist who takes pretty pictures on a microscope in an attempt to figure out why the long bits of brain and nerve cells sometimes misbehave. He’s also a public engagement nerd and science communicator.

Mostly in it for the colour-coded stationery, Matt has worked behind the scenes coordinating public engagement events for the University of Nottingham, through the STEM Outreach Nottingham group, as well science festivals like Pint of Science and the Festival of Science and Curiosity.

A pretty science picture from Matt’s lab work


Matt has performed science comedy and shows on topics like getting older, why evolution made humans terrible, and most recently at the Cheltenham Science Festival, why tardigrades (google it) are awesome and why we should all strive to be more like them.


A botany inspired artwork titled ‘Unlike others’



By night though, he’s still a scientist (it’s a lifestyle choice…), although he’s also an amateur artist and an avid collector/hoarder of peculiar plants.


Matt tweets via @MattJayWhy and brags professionally, here.


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