Matt Jay

Matt is a PhD researcher in Robin Hood’s very own city of Nottingham, where he makes brain cells light up in pretty colours to try and understand degenerative brain diseases. He’s passionate about making science and research more accessible to the world outside the lab, a science festival producer, and yes, his hair is always like that.


Production & Training

Matt founded the STEM Outreach Nottingham group, through which he established and produced the Nottingham branch of the Pint of Science festival (2016-17), which to date has provided a professional engagement platform for more than 100 students & staff from the University of Nottingham, and has attracted almost 2,000 attendees. He is currently the producer for the Festival of Science & Curiosity 2018 and regularly delivers training to researchers on how to translate their science for new audiences, and why its so important in the first place!

Science Communication & Performance

With his strong penchant for glitter and campy humour, Matt is regularly drawn to delivering science-themed talks, shows and comedy. He has previously appeared at Cheltenham Science Festival, Dr Jiggs Bowson’s Charming Science Cabaret, Science Showoff, The Astroholic LIVE, and The Royal Institution Lates. He talks too much for regular radio, so will soon be broadcast across the internet via the So You’re, Like, Really Nerdy? podcast.


In order to justify wearing gold leggings, Matt is an artist and trustee of the Pride in STEM charitable trust.

Twitter: @MattJayWhy

LinkedIn: Matt J Young


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