Mike Conterio





As usual, Michael is happy for the chance to be enthusiastic at people.


Michael enjoys changing people’s opinions of physics so much that not only has he set up The Variables in Cambridge to give himself and others more opportunity to perform science comedy, he has also developed a physics-themed escape room so that he can have a somewhat “captive” audience. He now plans to take this to science festivals across the country.


DSC08141 (1)

It’s said if you aren’t confused by quantum physics, you haven’t understood it. Michael is confused by quantum physics, and many other things.



Michael is currently trying to make sure that no part of the life of an experimental physicist (like his up until recently) goes unmocked. Recently he’s ranked scientific units according to how silly he thinks they are, and asked why laser safety classes only go up to 4.







For the Science Showoff Talent Factory launch show, he complained about how he was fed up with Schrödinger’s cat:




To be fair, the bird skeleton started it


In an an attempt to present himself as a well-rounded individual, Michael has performed in a range of comedy shows, discussing such disparate topics as animals, books, and his experiences as a Scout Leader. So far, it appears to be working.




Skills and Experience

Science and Science Comedy Performances:

Michael has presented science talks or performed science comedy in a range of venues: in pubs with Bright Club Cambridge, Science Showoff and SciBar Oxford, at the Cambridge Science Centre and Science Oxford, in a field at the EMF Camp Festival, and on stage in the Bloomsbury Theatre as part of Robin Ince’s Christmas Ghosts. He has also compered an evening about Earth Science for Pint of Science Cambridge, and talked about the physics of the navigation of birds at Animal Showoff in the Grant Museum.

Science Festivals:

Michael is a regular at the Cambridge Science Festival, having hosted “Sci Cam Live” for several years. He’s performed a one-hour solo science comedy show, “How it the Universe Like a Lightbulb?” and been part of the Cambridge edition of “An Evening of Unnecessary Detail”, hosted by “The Festival of the Spoken Nerd” . Along with Helen Arney he encouraged an audience to link songs to science demos in Sciencelele Singalong, and in 2013 Michael took part in the Festival’s Demo Derby. In the past he has also helped with Cambridge Hands-On Science’s (CHaOS) hands-on event “Crash, Bang, Squelch!”

Radio Experience:

Michael has talked about science on the Naked Scientists Radio Show and the BBC Radio Cambridgeshire Breakfast show, and on Cam FM. He has also hosted the Cam FM breakfast show, and a news-based comedy program, Burst the Bubble,

Video Experience:

Michael hosted his own YouTube Science Show, Sci Cam, and was a finalist in the Geek & Sundry Vlog Search, with his science themed entry, “The Fundamental Interconnectedness of All Things”

Contact Michael

Michael can be found on Twitter at https://twitter.com/mikeconterio . He sometimes blogs about his creative pursuits at http://www.contrarythoughts.com/, and more details about his science communication experience can be found at http://www.contrarythoughts.com/science-communication/ .

Watch Michael

Michael can be seen at:

  • The Large Stand-Up Collider, Science Museum, April 25th


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