Noemi Gyori

Noemi demonstrating her sassy pose

After deciding that she passionately hated programming and wanted to become an experimental scientist, Noemi embarked on a PhD in medical image computing. Her project focuses on mapping markers of cellular structure in the brain using in-vivo MRI scans, and she spends much of her time inside an MRI-scanner. Over three years of research, she has learned that volunteering for her own experiments is an excellent way of hiding from her supervisor. When she isn’t scanning various body parts, Noemi works in a computer science department, where she realised that programming isn’t that bad.

The kind of scientist Noemi was planning to become…

…and the kind of scientist Noemi is at the moment

Noemi has always enjoyed talking about science and maths, and she was an active volunteer with educational charities that reach out to children from disadvantaged backgrounds. More recently, Noemi has discovered her love for performing and sharing her experiences (read as emotional distress) through stand-up comedy. She performed at several shows, including at the Science Museum Lates, Bloomsbury Festival, Off the Shelf at the Bishopsgate Institute and Science Showoff in St Albans Museum.

If you’re interested in having a chat about MRI, brains, machine learning, the horrors of academia, or just generally enjoy bizarre conversation, feel free to contact me!

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