Oz Ismail

Oz is a biology geek. He studied physiology and then went on to do research in genetics where he spent a lot of time imaging mouse anatomy. He has seen more bones than you (probably).  

His enthusiasm for biology and imaging (and clean-freakishness!) led him into a neuroimaging PhD at UCL, studying how the brain cleans itself, and he spends most of his time trying to figure out what goes wrong in brain waste clearance during Alzheimer’s disease. When he is not doing that, he likes talking about how science is way cool or telling everyone about the shenanigans he gets into in the lab when attempting to break hypotheses.


Oz regularly performs at science festivals and gigs (scroll down for upcoming dates).  He has previously appeared in Science Showoff, The Cheltenham Science Festival, Dr. Jiggs Bowson, The Large Stand-Up Collider, Out Thinkers and The Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition. He also has a podcast called “Why Aren’t You A Doctor Yet?” with fellow Talent Factorian Alex Lathbridge, which combines science with popular culture and comedy. Oz is also a co-founder of the Minorities in STEM network.


IMG_1078Oz thinks that if he can do science, anyone can. You can probably get him involved in anything if you convince him that it is science. His limits are yet to be tested.

Website: www.ozyismail.com 

Twitter: @ozy_ismail




You can see Oz next perform at:

Science Showoff. 16th Jan 2018. The Star of Kings, London.

Professor Malice’s Science Apocalypse. 18th Jan 2018. The Harrison Gastro Pub & Hotel, London.

Science Showoff. 7th Feb 2018. The Star of Kings, London.

The Science Newseum! 15th Feb 2018. The Harrison Gastro Pub & Hotel, London.

Science Showoff. 20th Feb 2018. The Star of Kings, London.

Bright Club: 10th Anniversary. 22nd Feb 2018. Stratford Circus Arts Centre, London.

LGBTQ Science Showoff. 7th March 2018. Star of Kings, London.

According to Science. 15th March 2018. The Albany, Great Portland Street, London.

The No-Ball Prizes 3. 27th March 2018. The Harrison Gastro Pub & Hotel, London.

Science Showoff. 4th April 2018. Star of Kings, London.

The Shelf Word IX. 15th April 2018. The White Bear Theatre, London.

The Large Stand-Up Collider. 25th April 2018. Science Museum, London.


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