Oz Ismail

Oz is a biology geek. He studied physiology and then went on to do research into mouse genetics where he spent a lot of time imaging mouse anatomy. He has seen more mouse bones than you (probably).  

His enthusiasm for biology and imaging (and clean-freakishness!) led him into a neuroimaging PhD studying how the brain cleans itself, and he spends most of his time trying to figure out what goes wrong in brain waste clearance during Alzheimer’s disease. When he is not doing that, he likes talking about how science is way cool or telling everyone about the shenanigans he gets into in the lab when attempting to break hypotheses.


Oz thinks that if he can do science, anyone can. You can probably get him involved in anything if you convince him that it is science. His limits are yet to be tested.

Oz’s other passions are food (looking at it, cooking it, eating it, thinking about it), discovering new gimmicky workouts, playing rubbish guitar and drinking endless amounts of coffee.


Twitter: @ozy_ismail



You can see Oz next perform at:

Another brick in the wall? 14th November 2017. Bloomsbury Studio, London.

The No-Ball Prizes 2. 16th November 2017. The Harrison Gastro Pub & Hotel, London.

Dr Jiggs Bowson & Her Charming Science Friends. 22nd November. The Book Club, London.

The Large Stand-Up Collider. 29th November. Science Museum, London.



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