Rachel Wheeley

Rachel Wheeley - towel day 2017Rachel Wheeley is a comedian, psychology graduate and producer of comedy science podcast, Level Up Human with Simon Watt.

Rachel was a senior studio director for the BBC, producing live news programmes like Today and comedy shows like The Vote Now Show during the 2015 general election. She left the BBC in 2016.

deadtalk - twitter

During the first year of the Talent Factory, Rachel developed a format called Dead Talks which will be at Brighton Science Festival in February 2018.

She has racked up over 200 gigs on the regular comedy circuit and runs a monthly comedy night in her beloved Tooting.

Sticky imageRachel suffers from smart phone addiction. After a decade of denial she is now struggling with the habit and writing a talk called Sticky: why phones have us gripped on the psychology of nomophobia.



She performs with The Ugly Animal Preservation Society and Science Showoff, is an MC and headliner for Bright Club and has performed at Glastonbury, the Royal Institution and the Science Museum.

Rachel is taking a new, split show to Edinburgh festival in the summer about how she grew up at Eton College. There will be stories about how she was once in a play with Eddie Redmayne and entirely failed to get of with Prince William. More details



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