Sam McKay

After finishing his undergraduate degree studying evolutionary biology and a quick stint telling stories in TV production, Sam now finds himself studying the cichlids of the lakes of the East African Rift Valley. Specifically he’s looking at how they evolved to be so amazingly diverse and what a specific group of stem cells called neural crest cells have to do with it.

Sam is a big fan of talking science to anyone who will listen; whether that’s using science to debunk conspiracy theories on YouTube, volunteering to tell kids about the wonders of kelp forests and the animals which call them home or trying desperately hard to make fish funny Sam can’t wait to have the chance to get back to chatting about the more unorthodox parts of science in front of real people again.

When not poking fish or chatting science, Sam can usually be found hosting his podcast Sit Down with a Scientist where he speaks with people far more interesting than he is about their science and how they got to where they are today. Otherwise, he is likely sat in a darkened room using his knowledge of the bizarre anatomy of the Earth’s species to concoct the myriad monstrosities found within his D&D campaigns. He’s also a big fan of sea shanties and if he was born during the late 17th Century may have considered a career in piracy.

You can follow Sam as he navigates the world of science on Twitter @SJ_McKay or YouTube (Although things happen there a bit less frequently!).

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