Sarah Jones

Comedian. Microbiologist. Female Welshman.

Sarah started doing stand-up as a way of dealing with an extreme case of imposter syndrome and has since performed at a wide range of comedy and sci-comm gigs, both nationally and internationally.

In January 2018, with the help of other Talent Factory members, Sarah developed, wrote and hosted a sold-out comedy science panel show: Professor Malice’s Science Apocalypse. The second edition of Professor Malice ran in July 2018. In April and July 2018, Sarah curated and hosted two stand-up nights in aid of Macmillan: Wales Vs Australia and Wales Vs England. These featured comedians from two nations performing stand-up in a bid to prove their nation is the funniest.

Sarah was a semi-finalist in the Gilded Balloon’s new comedian competition: So You Think You’re Funny?

During August Sarah performed a half hour show as part of a special edition of Science Showoff at the Edinburgh Fringe (Opium, Cowgate).

In her scientific life, Sarah is a Geomicrobiology PhD student researching how microbial communities break down environmentally important minerals.

In her spare time, she makes cakes that should probably come with a health warning.


Email: contact [at] sarahjokes [dot] com

Twitter: @Sarah_Jokes

DSC09097-62 (1)



As Professor Malice in Professor Malice’s Science apocalypse


No-Ball Prizes Sci-comm Improv. Photo: Ian Bowkett.


Books Showoff. Photo: Oz Ismail.


Bluedot Festival.

Photos: Steve Cross unless otherwise stated

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