Sarah Jones

Comedian. Microbiologist. Female Welshman.

Sarah started doing stand-up as a way of dealing with an extreme case of imposter syndrome and has since performed at a wide range of comedy and sci-comm gigs, both nationally and internationally.

In January 2018, with the help of other Talent Factory members, Sarah developed, wrote and hosted a sold-out comedy science panel show: Professor Malice’s Science Apocalypse. Professor Malice will be making a return on 31st July.

In April, Sarah curated and hosted a stand-up night, Wales Vs Australia, in aid of Macmillan. The show will return on 24th July, this time with comedians battling it out from the home nations in Wales vs England.

From 13th-19th of August Sarah will be doing a half hour show as part of a special edition of Science Showoff at the Edinburgh Fringe (Opium, Cowgate).

In her scientific life, Sarah is a Geomicrobiology PhD student researching how microbial communities break down environmentally important minerals.

In her spare time, she makes cakes that should probably come with a health warning.

Twitter: @SarahE_Jones

DSC09097-62 (1)



As Professor Malice in Professor Malice’s Science apocalypse


No-Ball Prizes Sci-comm Improv. Photo: Ian Bowkett.


Books Showoff. Photo: Oz Ismail.


Bluedot Festival.

Photos: Steve Cross unless otherwise stated


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