Shalaka Kurup

A psychologist at heart, Shalaka recently got her Ph.D. in Engineering so she could have a career that her parents will be proud of. One day, this dream will come true. Until then she is a user experience designer (a fancy word for “asks people about things they use”) by day, and a stand-up comedian by late evening. She loves long walks on the beach, cooking new things, and talking about door handles. She especially loves saying “this is an ergonomic nightmare” while shaking her fist at things that are badly designed.

After being introduced to the concept of telling jokes for attention by a now-regretful friend, Shalaka has performed at a number of comedy and science events like Science Showoff, Nottingham Comedy Festival, Science Museum Lates, Bright Club, Cheltenham Science Festival, Manchester Science Festival, and An Evening of Unnecessary Detail. Her skills include describing the characteristics of all types of doors, blaming the Black Death for her inability to find love (true story), and comparing Miss Havisham to Cardi B (her two heroes).

Shalaka loves Miss Havisham so much, she dressed as her for Halloween
Photo by Steve Cross

Shalaka now takes revenge on every single person who’s ever found it difficult to spell her name by producing a comedy night called Say My Name: A Night of Stories About Names with her friend Hana Ayoob.

Poster by Hana Ayoob

If you want to know more about trains, or how things are designed, or what it’s like being a brown immigrant in the UK – get in touch!

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