Suzanne Harvey

Suzanne is a primatologist with a PhD in Biological Anthropology, whose research focuses on primate communication and social behaviour. Before becoming a Science Communicator, Suzanne worked in Gashaka Gumti National Park in Nigeria, with a troop of 32 olive baboons and the world’s most elusive chimpanzees. She has also studied rhesus macaques at Longleat Safari Park, and red ruffed lemurs at Paignton Zoo.


Following baboons in Gashaka Gumti National Park, Nigeria. Photo by Halidu Ilyasu

Since entering the world of Science Communication, Suzanne has worked as an outreach lecturer for UCL Public Engagement, a Student Engager with UCL Museums and Collections, and an Exhibit Explainer at ZSL London Zoo, all while indulging in her favourite occupation of talking about monkeys. She also talks about apes from time to time, and has done so at Science Showoff, Museums Showoff, Bright Club, and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Other projects include writing for the Researchers in Museums blog, and co-curating the Foreign Bodies exhibition.


With Storm, black and white ruffed lemur at London Zoo

A past winner of I’m a Scientist, Get me out of Here‘s Animal Behaviour Zone, Suzanne has recently entertained delegates at Crossref’s #LIVE16 annual meeting at the Royal Society, spoken at The Training Partnership’s Biology in Action day, discussed bonobos vs. naked mole rats at Somerset House’s UTOPIA 2016, and warned against the perils of monogamy at Dr Jiggs Bowson’s Charming Science Friends. Currently working as a freelance Science Communicator and Consultant, Suzanne can be reached at to discuss talks, training sessions and all aspects of creative event production.

Suzanne has three and a half thousand recordings of baby baboons screaming, and in her spare time she tries to work out what they all mean.

Twitter: @suzemonkey


Science Showoff at the Star of Kings. Photo by @steve_x


Dr Jiggs Bowson’s Charming Science Friends at The Nightingale Room, Brighton. Photo by @steve_x


Crossref #LIVE16 Annual Meeting. Photo by @CrossrefOrg


With Aimee Eckert (@aimee_e27). Photo by @edshots

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